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Product Certification

The product Certification is an attestation following assessment that; attributes, characteristics, quality, or status of goods, are in accordance with established standards. The scope covers foods and beverages, construction materials, cosmetics, paper based products and other industrial products.
Certified Products are given a Standardisation Mark (S-Mark), to be displayed on the product.

Benefit of Product Certification

•    The Mark is a powerful marketing tool for all manufacturers especially exporters. This eliminates the need for products to be re-tested all the time;
•    Displaying the mark gives a product real point-of-sale differentiation resulting in more sales and greater revenue;
•    The Mark provides credibility when negotiating any contract especially government contracts as reflected in Rwandan regulation, exports and tender submissions;
•    There is an improvement in complaints’ handling this cuts costs and increases customer satisfaction;
•    The certification scheme results in consistent quality of products as it involves operating in a defined manner.

Product Certification Process
-    Filling-in application form
-    Certification fee payment
-    To conduct audit of the production line and take samples
-    Product sampling and testing
-    Submission of audit report to client
-    Closure of corrective actions (if any)
-    Certification decision by independent committee
-    Issuance of certificate of conformity
-    Surveillance audit
-    Market surveillance
-    Re-certification(after 2 years)

Note that the time frame mainly depends on client’s readiness

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