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Food, Agriculture and Mycotoxins Laboratory is one amongst National Quality Testing Laboratories. It is well equipped with H-Tech machines and equipments, and trained personnel to offer a good and quick quality service. The Laboratory is mainly concerned with the food quality parameters and mycotoxins in a range of different products.

The food laboratory tests the following products;
•    Tea
•    Coffee
•    Bread
•    Rice
•    Cereal and cereal products
•    Animal feeds
•    Biscuits
•    Animal feeds
•    Groundnuts
•    Sweets
•    Macadamia kernels
•    Milk and milk products
•    Meat and meat products
•    Honey
•    Beverages
•    Fats and oils
•    Fruits, vegetables and their products
•    Sugar confectionery
•    Alcoholic drinks
•    Carbonated drinks
•    Compost/ Organic manure
•    Fertilizers etc


Kindly refer to the NQTL Testing Scope, Click to download >>>

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