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Inorganic Chemistry Section is one of National Quality Testing Laboratories Sections, where inorganic related matrices, physical parameters are tested. It is equipped with modern equipment able to analyze mainly minerals and trace/metals. Heavy metals are very toxic at a very low concentration as they have high density or atomic weight hence lead to severe health problems.


Heavy metals are naturally found in Earth’s crust and do not degrade but tend to bioaccumulate over long periods of time. These metals find their way into the human body through food, water or air, it is not possible to completely eliminate them in drinking water for example but commercial processes are available which can lead to significant decrease in concentration levels.



Inorganic chemistry laboratory is coming up as one of equipped labs in the Field of Analytical Services with the following features:
AAS (AAnalyst 800), Spectrophotometer UV Visible, Polarimeter, Refractometer, Flame photometer, High Performance Microwave Digestion System, Oven Dryer, TDS/Conductivity meter, Turbidmeter, pH meters etc.
•    Drinking water
•    Honey
•    Soft drinks
•    Alcoholic beverages
•    Sugar
•    Acids
•    Salts
•    Sugar
•    Cooking oil
•    Limes
•    Fertilizers
•    Paint

Kindly refer to the NQTL Testing Scope, Click to download >>>

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