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Materials testing laboratories unit has a mission of guaranteeing that all used materials in engineering works, either imported or locally manufactured country wide meet safety standards. Being the younger unit of the National Quality Testing Laboratories Division (NQTL) under Rwanda Standards Body (RSB), the testing capability in place covers mechanical tests of construction materials in general with basic equipment for testing Polymers and leather materials.

The unit has in place Non-Destructive Testing facilities based on X-rays fluorescence principle, a modern technique whereby tested materials are not damaged and can still be used if they are found to meet standards requirements after test.

Materials testing unit as for all departments in Rwanda Standards Body in general, is flexible to customer-needs and in the journey of meeting customer-satisfaction; our customers can propose the test method if possible; researchers are free to select test methods on their own in order to validate research works.

Our testing capability is the most extensive and comprehensive of its kind of materials engineering - including but not limited to the following:

I. Building Materials Laboratory tests the following products: 

  • Cement
  • Roofing sheets
  • Cement Blocks and Bricks
  • Paving blocks
  • Burnt bricksCray roofing tiles
  • Concrete sand

    Cement standard constancy
    Compressive strength and/or flexural strength of cement (2days /7days/28 days)
    Base Metal thickness of roofing sheets
    Zinc coating mass of roofing sheets
    Dimensional test of roofing sheets
    Water absorption of bricks and Blocks
    Compressive strength of Bricks and blocks not exceeding a compressive force of 1200kN
    Dimensional test of bricks, blocks and roofing tiles
    Water absorption of bricks, blocks and roofing tiles
    Flexural strength of roofing Tiles
    Particle size distribution by sieve analysis of sand
    Compressive strength of concrete cubes of 150mmX150mmX150mm

II. Polymers and leather materials laboratory tests the following products

  • Condoms
  • Mattress
  • Leather materials
  • Toilet paper
  • Textile


    Freedom from holes of condoms
    Bursting volume of condoms
    Bursting pressure of condoms
    Pack seal integrity of condoms
    Length of condoms
    Width of condoms
    Thickness of condoms
    Tensile properties
    Tear resistance
    Density
    Dimensions
    Fabric weight

III. Destructive Mechanical Tests Laboratory tests the following products

  • Steel bars
  • Other metallic materials

    Tensile strength/Yield strength/elongation of metallic materials
    Three points Bend test of Reinforcing steel bars
    Dimensional test of Metallic materials
    Tensile properties of plastic/metallic sheets
    Resistance to deformation of polyethylene water tanks

IV. Non Destructive Mechanical Tests Laboratory tests the following products

  • Metals
  • Minerals
  • Electrical cables    


    Brinell Hardness of metals
    Chemical composition
    Chemical composition of soils and rocks
    Marking
    identification of cable conductor material
    Resistance of electrical cables rolls (100m min)

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