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Organic Chemistry section is one of the sections of National Quality Testing Laboratories and it has been created in 2011. It has two main laboratories; Organic and Petroleum Laboratories. These laboratories are well equipped and have modern equipment with high technology of resolution.

•    Organic laboratory has the following equipment:

a)    Agilent 6430 Triple Quad LC/MS that can be used for the analysis of illegal dyes, veterinary drugs, and some pesticides;
b)    Agilent 7000 GC/MS Triple Quad used to analyze essential oils for the promotion of their production in our country. This apparatus can also be used for the quantification of very low concentration of organochlorinated and organophosphorus pesticides.
c)    Thermo Scientific DQ II MS used for the analysis of pesticides.

•    Petroleum laboratory has the following equipment :

a)    Eraspec – FTIR Fuel Analyser can fingerprint petroleum products in few seconds by giving details on chemical composition. This equipment uses a patented rugged Fourier Transformer Infrared (FTIR) spectrometer to deliver laboratory precision in a portable instrument.
b)    TV 4000 Viscometer Bath is used for the determination of viscosity.
c)    Fully automatic Pensky Martens Flash Point Tester Model NPM 440 used for the flash point test.
d)    Automatic Distillation Machine NDI 440 for the distillation temperatures for these kinds of products.

The Organic Laboratory tests the following products;
•    Milk
•    Soft drinks
•    Tomato products
•    Soaps and soap products
•    Detergents
•    Cosmetics
•    Spirits
•    Alcoholic beverages
•    Petroleum products
•    Insecticidal products etc


Kindly refer to the NQTL Testing Scope, Click to download >>>

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