Message from the Director General

Message from the Director General

Dear Visitors,

Welcome to the Website of Rwanda Standards Board (RSB). I guess by visiting this website, you are driven by the desire to know where you can access information regarding business promotion, health and safety or environment protection through application of standards.

RSB’s mission is to be a trusted party in providing internationally recognized and customer suited standardization services though provision of standards-based solutions for consumer protection and trade promotion for socio-economic growth in a safe and stable environment.

As you browse our website, you will realize that RSB is committed to sharing standardization activities and World Trade Organization (WTO)/Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) requirements on regular basis in order to facilitate exports of Rwanda products.

The website hosts a wide range of information related to standards development and education, certification, metrology and testing (SQMT) services. The site also has publications and the national enquiry point which updates our clients of the WTO/TBT requirements on a daily basis. Information is available on how to access our services through technical assistance that enables our clients to be competitive and standards compliant. Through uploaded customer complaint and feedback forms, we share opinions and views, and advice in the pursuit of continual improvement of our service delivery.

Thank you for visiting us and do not hesitate to share your thought as you browse the content of this repository of standardization information.

Raymond Murenzi
Director General

“RSB services are delivered in consideration of gender equality to ensure inclusive sustainable socio-economic development”