About National Codex Committee

The mission of the National Codex Committee is to serve as a technical forum for key players in the food value chain for promoting and coordinating the development of food standards work undertaken at national level as well as effective participation of Rwanda in regional and international food standardization programmes so as to ensuring supply of quality and safe food to the consumers, fair practices in food trade while at the same time maximizing the opportunities for development of local industry, innovations and competitiveness of Rwandan food products and related services.

 1. Responsibilities of the NCC?

National Codex Committee has the following responsibilities:

  1. to determine priorities, initiate and guide development and maintenance of food standards, regulations and related texts through existing or designated national food technical committees;

  2. to establish a framework for the generation, collating and processing of scientific data to enhance and enrich Codex, national, regional and international food standards, regulations and related texts;

  3. to formulate national positions and representing national interests at Codex Alimentarius commission, at regional, Africa and international levels on matters related to food standards, regulations and related texts;

  4. to put in place mechanisms to assess the socio-economic impacts in relation to the implementation of food standards, regulations and related texts and make recommendations to the relevant stakeholders for appropriate actions;

  5. to approve procedural manual of the National Codex Committee;

  6. to advise the Government on the best possible decisions regarding food standards, policies, regulations and related texts, and their implementation.

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