Call for application to attend the training on Quality management systems (QMS) — Requirements based on RS ISO 9001:2015

Rwanda Standards Board (RSB) is organizing a training on the implementation of the RS ISO 9001:2015, Quality management systems (QMS) — Requirements. This standard is applicable to all organizations including manufacturing and service-providing organizations.

Through this training, participants will be equipped with knowledge and skills that will assist them to effectively establish, maintain and continually improve their organizational processes, enhance product and service quality, resulting into customer satisfaction and the overall business performance.   

In this regard, RSB is pleased to call upon all interested organizations and independent participants to apply for the five-day training to be conducted from 20th to 24th May 2024 at Ubumwe Grande Hotel, Kigali.  

Interested participants are required to submit their applications by 10th May 2024.


The application form is accessed via the following link:

Link in English:

Link in Kinyarwanda:

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