MINICOM Convenes the First Meetings of the National Quality Forums

MINICOM Convenes the First Meetings of the National Quality Forums

TODAY, 12th January 2023, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Trade and Industry(MINICOM)  Mr Richard Niwenshuti chaired the first plenary meeting bringing together stakeholders from the Private Sector Federation (PSF) , public institutions, Regulators, Academia and Consumers Protection Associations, Professional Associations, Researchers, etc to operationalize the established National Quality Forums.

Permanent Secretary/MINICOM


Officially opening the Forums meetings, the Permanent Secretary reminded the participating institutions that the role of technical Quality Forums is to come up with proposals to be submitted to the Quality Council to tackle issues related to information sharing, overlaps in service delivery, ease of access to services, promote innovations and ensure all synergized efforts effectively contribute to the facilitation of trade and industry, promotion of public safety and thus collectively support sustainable development agenda of the country.

At the meeting, Director General of Rwanda Standards Board Mr. Murenzi Raymond reminded participating institutions that the Forums were established in conformity with the provisions of the Rwanda Quality Policy that was adopted by the Government of Rwanda in 2018 to provide technical space to brainstorm about technical issues, innovations and ideas to improve the functioning of the National Quality infrastructure through information sharing.

Raymond Murenzi/DG RSB

New established technical forums are:

1. National Standards Stakeholders and Technical Regulations Forum

2. National Certification Bodies Forum

3. National Quality Testing Laboratories Forum.


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