ACCESS FREE OF CHARGE Quality Standards for Face Masks Standards -Learn more on Quality Testing

ACCESS FREE OF CHARGE Quality Standards for Face Masks Standards - Learn more on Quality Testing

In a bid to support the Government of Rwanda’s protective measures, and Ministry of Health guidelines thereof set in place to fight the spread of COVID-19 virus; Rwanda Standards Board (RSB) developed standards that are key in enabling the manufacturing of quality face masks: 

                                       1.  RS 433-1 2020 Face masks — Specification —  Part 1 Medical masks

                                       2.  RS 433-2 2020 Face masks — Specification — Part 2 Barrier masks

These standards, that are accessible FREE OF CHARGE, lay down technical specifications that must be observed by mask manufacturers to comply with quality and safety aspects. In addition, the standards provide for key test parameters to ensure the manufactured masks conform to the preset quality and safety requirements.
RSB calls Mask Manufacturers to use these national standards, and hereby informs that RSB Quality Testing Laboratories offer testing services for the following required test parameters:




Tested parameter



Sample size

Information to appear on sample submission form


Fiber composition (cellulose fibres content and non fibrous matters content)

     20 Masks/Sample


1.     Material Description

2.     Brand Name

3.     Manufacturer name

4.     Batch/Lot number

5.     Mask Material type



Fabric Specific weight (mass per unit area) / grammage


Porosity/air permeance


Tensile strength


Dimensional test


Color Fastness to Washing


Marking/Labelling and packaging inspection.

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