Made In Rwanda (MIR) Logo Certification

About the Made in Rwanda (MIR) Logo

The Made in Rwanda policy provides for a logo that acts as a symbol of quality assurance. The logo is displayed on products and is granted when the product fulfills the set requirements. The MIR logo is a certification mark that is protected and only companies meeting minimum certification standards in their line of business are allowed to access the logo for their branding.

The Minister of Trade and Industry in the announcement Ref: 572/15.04.01/IND.IND/2019 of 01/04/2019 mandated RSB to implement the 3rd pillar of MIR Policy which is “Improving Quality”. Hence was requested to “receive and assess applications for MIR logo, issue MIR logo and monitor the use of MIR logo”

1. Criteria for acquiring Made In Rwanda Logo

The following are criteria to acquire the Made in Rwanda logo:

  • Certificate of company registration

  • Certificate of Brand name registration

  • Compliance with Rules of Origin as applied in Rwanda

  • Product compliance with standards, statutory and regulatory requirements

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