National Electrotechnical Committee (NEC)

Rwanda National Committee of the IEC's mandate is guided and supported by RSB policy to encourage adoption of IEC standards as the basis for national standards whenever Rwandan practices and conditions permit.

What is NEC Rwanda

A National Electrotechnical Committee (NEC) is a committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) at national level which brings together representatives with decision-making responsibilities from all stakeholders to consider the adoption of IEC International Standards related to the electrotechnical fields of interest within its country and consider adopting them as national standards or for use as reference in national laws or regulations.

Having such committee enables stakeholders contribute to the selection and adoption of the right IEC international standards for the national market. The ideal NEC should be fully representative of all of the country’s interests in the field of electrotechnical standardization and conformity assessment.

An NEC provides also a central point for local industrial to be involved in electrotechnical standardization on a global platform and it is therefore a valuable tool for ensuring that the WTO/TBT Agreements is correctly implemented.

Stakeholders may be high-level representatives from any of the following areas:

  • Power generation and distribution authorities;

  • Government departments concerned with electrical and electronics applications;

  • The national standards body;

  • Manufacturers of electrotechnical products;

  • Testing laboratories;

  • Consumer associations;

  • Relevant professional and teaching institutions;

  • Research and development establishments.

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