Engineering and Urban Panning (EUP) Unit

EUP Unit

Members of ARSO TC/   discussing harmonization of African motorvehicle standards (Kigali, 2018)

The Engineering and Urban Planning (EUP) Unit is one of the three (3) Units of the National Standards Division. It leads the development of national standards in the areas of civil engineering, metallurgy and mechanical engineering, textile and leather, electrical & electronics engineering, ICT & multi media. It also develops national standards for biomedical devices, petroleum and LPB facilities and equipment. Presently, more than 1,800 engineering standards have been gazetted. These standards are developed through five (5) sections namely:

  1. Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering Section

  2. Civil Engineering and Urban Planning Section

  3. Textiles and Leather Section

  4. Electrical and Electronics Engineering Section

  5. ICT, Multimedia & Telecommunication Section

The above sections develop national standards under different technical committees (TCs) and can be viewed by clicking here.

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