About Metrology Services

Metrology is the science of measurement and it includes all theoretical and practical aspects of measurement. The National Metrology Division (NMD) offers services that take place in industrial, health, economic, commercial and environment through industrial metrology (Mechanical and Electrical laboratories), Chemical Metrology and Legal Metrology units.

Metrology uses different traceable instruments and tools known as standard equipment to identify the errors of equipment or measuring instrument based on taking decision in different sectors. To promote transparency, fair-trade and protection of public, metrology offers calibration and verification to ensures correctness or accuracy of the measuring equipment and reduce problems come from mismeasurement results. Measurement is the process of experimentally obtaining values that can reasonably be attributed to a quantity or property.

Three RSB Metrology laboratories have acquired international accreditation (by the German Accreditation Body-DakkS): Balance laboratory, Mass laboratory and Temperature laboratory.

Why metrology and measurement?

Metrology is the process of experimentally obtaining values that can reasonably be attributed to a quality of property. Because in our daily life everything in medicine, engineering, technology and practical science involves measurements for to conformity assessment, metrology services are needed by:

  • manufacturers

  • hospitals

  • High Education Institutions (HEI)

  • customers

  • regulatory authorities

  • traders

  • independent third parties

  • to assess that a product/service meets standards or technical regulations

Our daily life hugely relies on measurements

  • Metrology facilitates fair trade through harmonized written standards, consistent measurement standards and internationally accepted certificates.

  • Metrology drives research, innovation and technology as it enables and drives industrial innovation in advanced production and instrumentation.

  • The use of accurate and reliable measurement promotes public health and environment protection

  • Metrology supports regulation by providing measurement references for policy advice, directives, conformity assessment, and verification.

e.g. 1. When paying for a litre of gasoline, it is expected that one litre of gasoline has been delivered!

e.g. 2. A measurement error of 1% in the amount of fuel consumed in a country in a year corresponds to an economic impact of loss of billions.

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