Legal Metrology is the practice and process of applying regulatory structure and enforcement to metrology. This part of metrology ensures the transparency of economic transactions, environment and health safety by guaranteeing accuracy of measurement in relation with technical mandatory and legal requirement.

In our daily life, we need measurements. When measurement is not well controlled, it affects the economic and health life as different sectors make decision based on measurement results.

Legal metrology aims to:

  • Control the usage of measuring equipment in trade, law enforcement, health services and environmental protection through type approval, initial and periodic verifications and inspections;

  • Control pre-packaging operations;

  • Manage regional and international relationships in the area of legal metrology.

  • develop regulation and mistrial orders

  • protect consumers, environment and traders

e.g: Verifying the meter of fuel dispensers at petrol stations to ensure they are delivering the correct amount of fuel to consumers corresponding to the amount paid

 Legal Metrology Services




Measuring instruments and prepackages control verification laboratories


























Verification of measuring instruments quantified in volume







  • Verification of volume measuring instrument from 1L to 5000 L

  • Verification of fuel dispensing pumps ( all flow rates)

  • Verification of bulk flow meters ( all flow rates)

  • Verification of water meters 1-2 inch, above 2 inches (using standard provers)

Verification of weighing instruments

  • Verification of non-automatic weighing scales (Mechanical and electronic scales) with maximum capacity < 2,000kg

  • Verification of weighbridges ( mechanical and electronic ≤ 100 Tons)

Verification of weight

  • Verification of class F and M weights from 1 g to 20 kg

Verification of medical measuring instruments

Verification of :

  • Medical Weighing scale 0-250 kg

  • Clinical Thermometer 35-42 0C

  • Centrifuge 0-9999 rpm

  • Blood pressure monitors

Pre-packages control of products packed in mass, volume , length and count number

All products packed in mass in the range from 50 g to 150 kg


Utility and Traffic Instruments Verification laboratories


Verification of energy meters

  • Verification of single and three phase energy meters in the following classes:

Class 0.2, 0.5, 1,2

45-65 Hz, 3x(40V-480V), 3x(0.01A-120A),reactive and active energy, 3P4W, 3P3W

Verification of taxi meter

  • Verification of taxi meter (all types).

Verification of traffic measuring instruments

  • Traffic speed measuring instruments ( all types)





Type approval

Type approval of measuring instruments

Type approval of the following measuring instrument:


  • Weighing instrument for the range between 5 kg to 3 tons

  • Fuel dispensing pumps ( all flow rates)

  • Bulk flow meters ( all flow rates)


Licensing companies offering services of installation, repair , maintenance of weighing instruments used in trade and industries and VGM

Licensing of companies offering services of installation, repair and maintenance of measuring instruments used in petroleum sector

Registration of importers of measuring instruments

Certificate of registration is provided to importers

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