ABOUT National Standards Division

About About National Standards Division

The National Standards Division (NSD) is one of four technical divisions of RSB. It is mandated to develop, maintain and disseminate information on Rwanda national standards. It is composed of three (3) units namely:

  • Engineering and Urban Panning (EUP) Unit;

  • Food, Agriculture, Chemistry, Environment and Services (FACES) Unit and;

  • Standards Publication, Training and Technical Assistance (SPTTA) Unit

The Management of NSD

Mr. GATERA Emmanuel 

Ag. Division Manager

E-mail: emmanuel.gatera@rsb.gov.rw

Director of EUP


Ag. Director, EUP Unit

E-mail: alphonse.kanyandekwe@rsb.gov.rw 

Director of FACES


Ag. Director, FACES

Email: modeste.uwimana@rsb.gov.rw

Director of SPTTA

Mrs. KANYANGE Marlene

Director, SPTTA Unit

E-mail: marlene.kanyange@rsb.gov.rw 


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