System Certification Schemes


Bee products certification confirms that honey was sourced in a transparent manner and tested for authenticity. When consumers buy honey or honey-containing products bearing the Certification logo, they can trust that these products contain authentic and fully traceable honey.


1) Ensures that one can be certain that they are buying a genuine safe product, produced in line with standards’ principles.

2) Ensures that imported products must have been produced and inspected to equivalent standards. Increases government revenue through trade

3) Ensures full traceability for raw honey back to the farmer.  Reduces losses hence increased profits

4) Gain access to new markets by independently verifying the geographic origin and authenticity of your honey

5) Leverage honey certification to win customers who can use the made with honey logo on product packaging and in advertising. It is a strong marketing tool hence promoting business

6) Help educate consumers and strengthen demand for honey that has been sourced with transparency and tested for authenticity. Increased consumer safety and satisfaction

Getting Certification for Honey Products

So far, Rwanda Standards Board (RSB) has already certified fourteen (14) Honey products processed by twelve (12) companies against RS EAS 36: 2020 Honey ▬ specification and two of them are certified against Food Safety Management System based on RS 184: 2017 hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP).

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