Industrial Metrology

Chemical Metrology Unit & scope

 Chemical metrology helps to

  • realize, maintains and disseminates measurements standards in chemical measurements.

  • covers organic, inorganic and physical chemistry measurements.

  • offers the service of calibration of the following equipment: Ph meter, Alcohol meter, Electrolytic conductivity meter, Viscosity meter and Density meters.

Calibration ranges are:

  • pH meter electrodes, 0.000-14.000pH

  • Hydrometer, 0.6 -2.0 SG

  • TDS meters, 0.00 – 10,000.00 ppm

  • Conductivity meters, 0.000-2000mS/cm

  • Density meters, 0.000-3.000g/cm3

  • Refractometers, 0.0-85.0% Brix

  • Alcohol meters, 0.0-100.0 Alc. Vol. %

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