Rwanda Standards Board-National Certification Division has been assessed and demonstrate the ability to perform management systems certification in a competetent, consistent and impartial maner. The accreditation is based on an assessment against the requirements as laid down in EN ISO/IEC  17021-1:2015.

Accredited by Raad Voor Accreditatie (Dutch Accreditation Council, RvA)

The Accreditation covers the following:


  • The requirements for HACCP based food Safety system RS 184 (2017)
  • ISO 22000

for the Certification Scheme :

Certification of Food Safety Management Systems for the Clusters and Categories:

1.  Farming: 

        - Category B, Plants

2.  Food and feed processing:

        - Category C, Food Manufacturing

Accreditation granted in accordance with ISO/TS 22003

What is laboratory accreditation?

Laboratory accreditation is a third-party assessment of a calibration or testing laboratory by the Laboratory Accreditation Body, to evaluate the laboratory’s compliance to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and any additional, applicable accreditation policies.

A.2 Why a testing laboratory should be accredited?

Testing laboratory involves multistep processes that are susceptible to multiple sources of error. These errors can lead to significant result variability and decreased accuracy, which in turn can potentially lead to incorrect diagnosis and inappropriate treatment. Production of quality data on which decisions are based on good laboratory practice (GLP), guidelines and other international conventions. High quality laboratory results are also required to protect consumers’ health and safety.

Laboratory accreditation is a widely accepted process of evaluation of a laboratory’s quality, performance, reliability and efficiency. It is a means to promote and enforce better quality in testing laboratory and to ultimately reduce testing errors. Accreditation also increases the credibility of results and services delivered by a laboratory through providing recognition that it is compliant with quality and competence standards considered necessary for accurate, reliable and safe testing. The value of accreditation lies in promoting the delivery of reliable results to the customers.

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