RSB/TC 010:

RSB/TC 010: Electrical installation and protection against electrical shock


Secretary: Jean d’Amour Nizeyimana


Standardization in the field of low and medium voltage electrical installation, protection and products used for installation and protection. It includes but not limited to specification, requirements and test methods for cables, protection equipment, lightning, switches, lamps, luminaires, circuit breakers, fuses, energy efficiency, etc.

Standards under development:

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How to become a TC member?

Organizations and independent experts may request to become members of RSB technical committees. This is done by filling the TC nomination form. The filled form must be submitted to the national secretary of the TC with a copy to:

How to request development of a standard?

Standards are developed on need and request basis. Stakeholders including organizations and individuals may request standards to be developed by filling in this standards request form (hyperlinked). The filled form must be submitted to the national secretary of the TC with a copy to:

Membership of the TC/SC: 1.Rwanda Energy Group, 2.Rwanda Utility Regulatory Authority, 3.Water and Sanitation Corporation, 4.Rwanda Meteology Agency, 5.College of Science Technology, 6.ULK, 7.CHUK, 8.Rwanda Military Hospital, 9.King Faisal Hospital, 10. IPRC Kigali, 11. Work Development Force Authority, 12. Energy Utility Corporation Ltd, 13. Energy Development Corporation Ltd, 14. Kigali City - One Stop Centre, 15. Inyange Industries, 16. Gasabo 3D, 17. Civil engineering, Electrical engineering works and related technical consultancy (EECC), 18. Institute of Engineers Rwanda (IER), 19. NIRDA 20. Private Sector Federation, AXAR Technical Services Ltd, 21. RMH, CHUK 22. KING FAISAL HOSPITAL, 23. Kolitech & Partners, Kigali Polytechnic Company Ltd, 24. Vision Technology Company, 25. 4Stin electronics Ltd, 26. TEECCSM Ltd, 27. METHA Electricals Ltd, 28. ANIMAS Satellite Systems Ltd, 29. Rwabizi Sylvestre, 30. Rwanda Green Building Organization, 31. Munyantore Gasatsi Jean Claude, 32. ABEM, 33. REGREPOWER, 34. Rwanda Consumer’s Rights Protection Organization (ADECOR).




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