RSB/TC 024:

RSB/TC 024: Chemical and consumer products




Standardization in the field of the chemical industry in general, particularly the basic chemical products the use of which is current in widely different industries. This will include Plastics, Resins and Adhesives; Rubber; Paints, Varnishes, Waxes and Polishes; Pigments & Dyes; and any other consumer product which have not been covered by any of the other technical committees of RSB.

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How to become a TC member?

  • Organizations and independent experts may request to become members of RSB technical committees. This is done by filling the TC nomination form. The filled form must be submitted to the national secretary of the TC with a copy to:

How to request development of a standard?

Standards are developed on need and request basis. Stakeholders including organizations and individuals may request standards to be developed by filling in this standards request form. The filled form must be submitted to the national secretary of the TC with a copy to:

Membership of the TC/SC: 1. Ministry of Trade and Industry (MINICOM), 2. Ministry of Health (MINISANTE), 3. Ministry of Agriculture/Rwanda Agriculture Livestock Inspection and Certification Services (MINAGRI/RALIS), 4. National Industrial Research and Development Agency (NIRDA), 5. Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA), 6. The Kigali City, 7. University of Rwanda -College of Education (UR -CE), 8. University of Rwanda - College of Science and Technology (UR - CST), 9. Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centre -Kigali (IPRC - Kigali), 10. University of Kibungo (UNIK), 11. PHARMALAB, 12. Sigma Paint, 13. AMACO Paints Ltd, 14. Rwanda Plastic Industrie s, 15. Crown Paints, 16. SORWATHE, 17. S . R .B Investments (R) Ltd, 18. Eden Business Center Ltd, 19. Star Construction & Consultancy Ltd, 20. Inyange Industries Ltd L, 21. LEO -SANA Ltd, 22. ALYVO Rwanda Ltd, 23. SULFO Rwanda Industries Ltd, 24. Rwanda Consumer’s Rights Protection Organization(ADECOR).




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