Certified Trainers

No NAME Scope Scheme Certification No. Status
1 Mr.HAGENIMANA Eric QMS QMS Trainer CERT/CQT/01/21-22 Valid
2 Mr.MAFREBO Lionel Bobo QMS QMS Trainer CERT/CQT/02/21-22 Valid
3 Mrs.NIWENKUNDA Eugenia QMS QMS Trainer CERT/CQT/03/21-22 Valid
4 Mr.GATERA Emmanuel FSMS QMS Trainer CERT/CFT/01/21-22 Valid
5 Mr. UWIHAYE Festus FSMS FSMS Associate Trainer CERT/CFT/02/21-22 Valid
6 Mrs. NASHIMWE Doriane FSMS FSMS Associate Trainer CERT/CFT/03/22-23 Valid
7 Mr. MULINDWA Ernest HACCP HACCP Associate Trainer CERT/CHT/01/22-23 Valid
8 Mr, HAKIZAMUNGU Felicien EMS EMS Associate Trainer CERT/CET/01/22-23 Valid
9 Mr. GASHUGI Elisee EMS EMS Trainer CERT/CET/02/22-23 Valid
10 Mr. NYANDWI Martin EMS EMS Trainer CERT/CET/03/22-23 Valid
11 Mr. MANIRAREBA Ildephonse EMS EMS Associate Trainer CERT/CET/04/22-23 Valid
12 Mr. MANIRAREBA Ildephonse OHSMS EMS Associate Trainer CERT/CET/01/22-23 Valid
13 Mrs.SIBOMANA Theresia 19011 ISO 19011 Trainer CERT/CIT/01/21-22 Valid
14 Mr. MANIRAREBA ldephonse 19011 ISO 19011 Trainer CERT/CIT/02/22-23 Valid
15 Mr.MAFREBO Lionel Bobo 19011 QMS Trainer CERT/CQT/03/23-24 Valid

“RSB services are delivered in consideration of gender equality to ensure inclusive sustainable socio-economic development”