FSMS Certified Auditors

No Name Grade Scope Certification No. Status  
1 KANYANGE Celine N/A FSMS Associate Auditor 22/06/2022. CERT/CFA/01/21-22 Valid
2 UWIMANA RUBURA Modeste N/A FSMS Associate Auditor 22/06/2022. CERT/CFA/02/21-22 Valid
3 MULINDI Jean Bosco N/A FSMS Associate Auditor 22/06/2022. CERT/CFA/03/21-22 Valid
4 HAKIZIMANA Naivasha Bella N/A FSMS Associate Auditor 22/06/2022. CERT/CFA/4/21-22 Valid
5 NIYONSHUTI Rosine N/A FSMS Associate Auditor 29/06/2022. CERT/CFA/05/21-22 Valid
6 NIYONSENGA Jean Marie Vianney N/A FSMS Internal Auditor 23/9/2022. CERT/CFA/01/22-23 Valid
7 BAMURANGE Agnes E FSMS Lead Auditor 30/11/2022. CERT/CFA/02/22-23 Valid
8 SIBOMANA Theresia N/A FSMS Associate Auditor 28/12/2022 CERT/CFA/03/22-23 Valid
9 HABANABAKIZE Thomas N/A FSMS Internal Auditor 28/12/2022 CERT/CFA/04/22-23 Valid
10 John Vaileth Neema N/A FSMS Associate Auditor 8/2/2023 CERT/CFA/05/22-23 Valid
11 SHINGIRO Aimable CIV FSMS Lead Auditor 8/2/2023 CERT/CFA/06/22-23 Valid
12 UWIHAYE Festus CIV FSMS Auditor 8/2/2023 CERT/CFA/07/22-23 Valid
13 MUTESI Charlotte N/A FSMS Associate Auditor 9/8/2023 CERT/CFA/01/23-24 Valid
14 BUNDUKI Dieudonne N/A FSMS Associate Auditor 24/11/2023 CERT/CFA/02/23-24 Valid
15 UWIHAYE Festus CIV FSMS Lead Auditor 18/01/2024 CERT/CFA/03/23-24 Valid
16 MUKABAYIZERE Denyse Joy N/A FSMS Associate Auditor 18/01/2024 CERT/CFA/04/23-24 Valid
17 KAYIRANGA Jean de Dieu CIV FSMS Lead Auditor 8/3/2024 CERT/CFA/05/23-24 Valid
18 MULINDI Jean Bosco CIV FSMS Auditor 8/3/2024 CERT/CFA/06/23-24 Valid

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