1 CIMERWA LTD Liaison Office: CIMERWA HOUSE, Kimihurura Sector, Kigali P.O Box 644, Kigali- Rwanda Cement plant: Western Province Mining (Limestone, sandstone, Pozzolana and Clay), Manufacturing and supply of Portland Pozzolana Cement. 01/RSB/DG/NCD/ILI/22-23 17/08/2022 16/08/2025 Valid
2 TECOS LTD Gasabo district, kimihurura sector, Rugando cell, KG 607 st 24, 0788318555 The provision of design and supervision services in construction activities of buildings, roads, water supply and hydraulic works, urban planning, industrial park projects and waste water management. 02/RSB/DG/NCD/ILI/23-24 31/05/2024 30/05/2027 Valid
3 SOCIETE PETROLIERE (SP) Ltd City of Kigali, Nyarugenge District, Nyarugenge Sector, KN4 Av 63 Street, Cogebank building 7th floor Reception, storage, handling and selling of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), Automotive Gas Oil (AGO), JET A 1, and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) products as well as selling of lubricant oils. 01/RSB/DG/NCD/ILI/21-22 21/01/2022 20/01/2025 Valid
4 EAST AFRICAN GRANITE INDUSTRIES LTD Nyagatare District, Nkonji Village, Rutaraka Cell, Nyagatare Sector The extraction of natural granite stone from the quarry, the manufacturing and selling of finished granite products. 02/RSB/DG/NCD/ILI/22-23 25/01/2023 24/01/2026 Valid
5 TRUST ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS LTD City of Kigali, Gasabo District, Kimironko Sector The services of the base transceiver stations or BTS sites, including construction of sites as well as their operations and maintenance. 03/RSB/DG/NCD/ILI/22-23 13/04/2023 12/4/2026 Valid
6 NGALI ENERGY LTD Head Office: 5Floor, Bodifa Mercy Hse, KG 624ST. Boulevard de l Urumuganda, Kimirurura, Gasabo P.O BOX 7189 Kigali-Rwanda Generation and supply of electricity to the national grid. 01/RSB/DG/NCD/ILI/23-24 8/12/2023 7/12/2026 Valid

“RSB services are delivered in consideration of gender equality to ensure inclusive sustainable socio-economic development”