1 RULIBA CLAYS LTD 0735984794 P.O BOX: 1275 Nyarugenge District Production of Roofing Tiles, walling and portioning blocks, Facing bricks, Maxpans, Paving Blocks, Ventilators, decorative grills, Floor tiles and other customized products. 02/RSB/DG/NCD/QLI/21-22 28/01/2022 27/01/2025 Valid
2 COMRIGHT 788534263 African Union Boulevard KN3rd, KK192St (opposite Prince House) P.O Box 813 Kigali Kicukiro Design and Printing services. 02/RSB/DG/NCD/QLI/22-23 3/8/2022 2/8/2025 Valid
3 Africa Uniforms LTD Kigali Free zone, Gasabo District, City of Kigali0788303492, P.O Box 7099 Kigali-Rwanda Manufacturing (Cutting, sewing and packing of sewed garments), commercial and merchandizing and dispatch of garments. 03/RSB/DG/NCD/QLI/21-22 11/5/2022 10/5/2025 Valid
4 AGROPY LTD Factory: Muhoza sector Musanze District. Manufacture of pesticides, repackaging of fenitrothion and bendiocard 06/RSB/DG/NCD/QLI/20-21 9/6/2021 8/6/2024 Expired
5 PRIME INSURANCE LTD MIC Building KN2 Av Nyarugenge, Rwanda. MIC Building KN2 Av Nyarugenge Rwanda info@prime.rw, 0788381300 Provision of General and Medical Insurance Services including all Support Services. The scope covers services delivered at Head Office, MIC Building, KN2 AV Nyarugenge, City of Kigali and all Franchises in Rwanda. 03/RSB/DG/NCD/QLI/23-24 29/12/2023 28/12/2026 Valid
6 MASTER STEEL LTD Kicukiro district, Gahanga sector, Nunga cell Production and dispatch of structural hollow sections, open profiles, Wire nails and drawn wire cold rolled mild steel and Pre- painted galvanized and Hot dip Aluminium - Zinc coated Plain and corrugated iron roofing sheets. 01/RSB/DG/NCD/QLI/22-23 6/7/2022 5/7/2025 Suspended
7 AFRICA LUBRICANT MANUFACTURING COMPANY Gasabo district, kimihurura sector The manufacturing of lubricants and engine oils from purchase of raw materials, lubricants and engine oil manufacturing, quality control, warehouse and maintenance as well as support services. 01/RSB/DG/NCD/QLI/21-22 18/08/2021 17/08/2024 Valid
8 RWANDA METEOROLOGY AGENCY Gitwa Village, Akabeza Cell, Gitega Sector, Nyarugenge, District, Kigali City Data observation, Quality control and processing, archiving, Weather Forecasting and other support services for the provision of meteorological data; daily, five days, ten days, monthly and seasonal forecasts to the public and other interested parties 13/RSB/DG/NCD/SCO/QMS/22-23 10/8/2022 1/5/2025 Valid
9 LTC YAMEI RWANDA LTD Kigali Special Economic Zone, Ndera Sector, Gasabo District The manufacturing and sale of long lasting insecticidal mosquito net from reception of polyester treated (with deltamethrin) fabric, cutting, sewing, primary packaging, bulk packaging of the sewed nets and dispatch. 05/RSB/DG/NCD/QLI/22-23 24/10/2022 23/10/2025 Valid
10 SPEDAG INTERFREIGHT RWANDA LTD Kicukiro District, Gikondo-Magerwa, KK6 Plot 4315 and Kigali International Airport Site. Clearing, Transportation, Shipping, Sales, Cargo handling and Warehousing Services. 02/RSB/DG/NCD/QLI/22-23 11/1/2023 8/10/2025 Valid
11 RWANDA AIRPORTS COMPANY LTD Nyarugunga Sector, Kicukiro District, Kigali International Airport The provision of Aeronautical Meteorology Services and Aeronautical Information Management Services. 06/RSB/DG/NCD/QLI/22-23 14/12/2022 13/12/2025 Valid
12 UFACO GARMENTS LTD Masoro Cell, Ndera Sector, Gasabo District, Kigali City, special Economic Zone The manufacturing (Cutting, Sewiing and packaging of sewed garments),commercial and marchandizing , Warehousing and Shipping of Garments. 05/RSB/DG/NCD/QLI/20-21 17/05/2021 11/5/2024 Expired
13 DUKUNDEKAWA MUSASA COOPERATIVE Northern Province, Musasa Sector,Gakenke District Tel:0782142193 Reception of coffee cherries, sorting, cleaning, floatation, pulping, fermentation, washing, pre-drying, drying, storing, hulling, packaging of green coffee, roasting green coffee, packaging up to dispatch” 08/RSB/DG/NCD/QLI/22-23 13/04/2023 12/4/2026 Valid
14 GREEN MOUNTAIN ARABICA COFFEE Green Mountain Arabica Coffee Ltd (GMAC LTD), Kicukiro District, City of Kigali Reception of coffee cherries, sorting, cleaning, floatation, pulping, fermentation, washing, pre-drying, drying, storing, hulling, packaging of green coffee, roasting green coffee, packaging up to dispatch”. 09/RSB/DG/NCD/QLI/22-23 13/04/2023 12/4/2026 Valid
15 ULTIMATE FOREST COMPANY LTD Ultimate Forests Company Ltd, Nyarugenge District, Tel: +250788 380 100 The production and dispatch of treated poles including support services:HR&Administration,Procurement,Finance and Sales Marketing 04/RSB/DG/NCD/QLI/22-23 24/10/2022 23/10/2025 Valid
16 MUSHUBI TEA COMPANY LTD MUSHUBI TEA COMPANY, BURUHUKIRO SECTOR, NYAMAGABE, SOUTHERN PROVINCE The Production of CTC Black Tea from reception of green leaves, processing, packaging up to dispatch 10/RSB/DG/NCD/QLI/22-23 28/04/2023 27/04/2026 Valid
17 GITESI COFFEE WASHING STATION Ltd Western Province-Karongi District-Gitesi sector The Production of coffee cherries, Human resources, Administration and Maintenance 11/RSB/DG/NCD/QLI/22-23 2/6/2023 1/6/2026 Valid
18 A@N HINGA Ltd A@N HINGA Ltd, Tel: (+250) 788460098, Eastern Province, Bugesera District, Gashora Sector, Kagomasi Cell The Farming and selling of fresh and dried vegetables including chilli, French beans, Okra and peppers from reception of order, land preparation, crop maintenance, harvesting, warehousing, drying (for chilli) up to dispatch. 01/RSB/DG/NCD/QLI/23-24 18/08/2023 17/08/2026 Valid
19 LANDMARK LTD Landmark Ltd. Nyarugenge District 4 Ave, KN 80 ST, House N0.1 PO Box: 5224 Kigali Rwanda,info@landmark.co.rw, 0788305191 Provision of Architectural Design, Engineering Design, Quantity Surveying, Property Valuation, and Project Management Services. 02/RSB/DG/NCD/QLI/23-24 8/12/2023 7/9/2026 Valid
20 HORIZON SOPYRWA LTD Kigombe cell, Muhoza Sector, Musanze district PO Box 79 Musanze The manufacture and dispatch of pyrethrum extracts from reception of pyrethrum dry flowers, grinding, extraction, refining of pale pyrethrum extract, packing and dispatch. 04/RSB/DG/NCD/QLI/23-24 9/4/2024 8/10/2026 Valid
21 ASTRIK INTERNATIONAL LTD KIMIRONKO-GASABO-KIGALI, 0788304735 The provision of engineering consultancy services that incorporate feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed design, monitoring and supervision of construction projects. 05/RSB/DG/NCD/QLI/23-24 21/06/2024 20/06/2027

“RSB services are delivered in consideration of gender equality to ensure inclusive sustainable socio-economic development”